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Welcome to our storytelling workshop!

Join us in today’s video to learn her to become a Master Storyteller yourself! 

We have an amazing story today, and it’s all about Sofia’s first day of school. 

Do you remember your first day of school too? 

  • Join us in today’s video to learn how to become a Master Storyteller yourself! 
  • Practise being a master in storytelling by writing your own story on the practice sheet 
  • Collect stickers on your sticker sheet to advance from beginner to apprentice, and finally to master storyteller!

Parent PDF

This is our 6 step PDF.

Power Pen Cards

Choose from these power pen cards to create your own story.

Planning Sheet

Use this sheet to plan your story

Reward Sheet

For every card you use, be sure to award a star, this will encourage children to be more creative

Benefit Of Strong Communication

Communication has a multitude of benefits, to learn more click the link below

Join The Storytelling Community

Share your stories

Upload your story once drawn. Super simple, fill out the google sheet and uplpiad a picture of your A3 drawing!

Tell your stories

Record yourself telling a story audio or video will do! Upload here for everyone to see your awesome storytelling skill

Give us Feedback

We love getting feedback. Your feedback will help us improve children’s storytelling experience!

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