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Join Our Team Working with schools

Additional revenue for those working with children!

Our Super Personalised Books are well positioned to offer your children based business an attractive 20% commission on every sale!

We offer a 20% commission on every sale you make!

Scroll down and use our calculator, it will show you an estimation of what you could earn!

It is for any business, institute or education facility that deals with children.


1. Encourage Reading

Super Personalised Books are proven to engage children to read, as they are the hero of the books.

2. Educational Gifts

Parents, Relatives and Well wishers are always looking for Personalised Educational Gifts.

3. Earn Commission

20% commission on every book sold.

4. Books For Every Occasion

Over 30 books, a book for every occasion

Generate another revenue selling educational gifts

Income Calculator

Use the calculator to determine if Super Personalised Books would offer sufficient revenue to you!

What do you get?

We will work with you and provide all the marketing material you would need. If you are carrying out a charity fundraiser, exhibit on parent evenings, an email or canvas letter, we have all that you need!

So what is the process

We will provide you with both an online and offline solution


An order form that is completed by the parents, and these are then sent to Personalised Stories via email or whatsapp

order form front

order from back


Each school is provided with their own webpage, and all orders placed on this page will be attributed to the school (example)

It takes 48 hours to get set up, get in touch today!

You will love our books!

Sofia, CEO

Some benefits of a super personalised book

✔️ Develops literacy skills and a love for books.

✔️ Makes reading a more meaningful experience

✔️ Develops their sense of identity

✔️ Better multitaskers, problem solvers and creative thinkers

✔️ Better wired to expect and appreciate diversity

✔️ Better emotionally and socially

✔️ Better able to focus their attention and retain information

✔️ Ignites their imagination and curiosity

✔️ Magical Bonding experience

Our category of books



care and wellbeing



netflix for books


The love and joy a super personalised book can give a child is pretty special!
Imagine the child receiving a super personalised book regularly!
We offer a range of super personalised books that can be delivered to your door at the frequency of your choice!

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