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Book Categories

Our super personalised books are suitable for children 0-8 years of age. 

0-3 years. Parents read to children and open their world to books

3-6 years. Children begin to recognise words and read with guidance

6-8 years. Children begin to read independently.

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milestone journal


Capture and treasure your child’s first 5 years with our personalised milestone journal. 

childrens journal


Empower your child with a personalised children’s journal.

Click on “View Books” in the categories below, and you will see a selection of books, curated to capture your child’s attention.


Everyday special occasions from Birthdays to New Parents.


Diverse selection of books for festivities such as Christmas


Books for children who need support through a difficult time


Read at any time, encouraging everyday reading.

We have created the largest range of super personalised books for you to enjoy 🙂

Sofia, CEO

Some benefits of a super personalised book, a reason to care!

✔️ Develops literacy skills and a love for books.

✔️ Makes reading a more meaningful experience

✔️ Develops their sense of identity

✔️ Better multitaskers, problem solvers and creative thinkers

✔️ Better wired to expect and appreciate diversity

✔️ Better emotionally and socially

✔️ Better able to focus their attention and retain information

✔️ Ignites their imagination and curiosity

✔️ Magical Bonding experience

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