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Power Pen Cards

Power Pen Cards

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benefits of playing with toys
– it nurtures creativity & imaginative skills
– it promotes social skills
– it promotes physical development
– it will boost the child’s mental skills
– help them discover their confidence & self-esteem

Turn your child’s character into a personalised doll, the most wonderful gift for a child’s imagination. Included are some adhesive felt to be extra creative. 15cmx20cm.

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Builds Communication & Language to encourage storytelling.

Some Games – can be played amongst friends or with parents

  • Pick 5 cards and tell a story on the spot
  • Tell a story in 100 words using the cards
  • Time limit to tell the story (ie 180 seconds to think, 180 seconds to tell the story)
  • Draw a picture that incorporates cards
  • Write down specific parts of the plot onto writing cards and have them placed in the order the scenes go. That way, all ideas are added and nothing is forgotten or missed out!
  • Drawing characters/settings or creating a small picture storyboard of their plot helps when it comes to describing scenes and bringing your pupils’ stories to life. Sometimes picturing the scene makes describing their tale easier!
  • Act out the story/card
  • Draw the story, the other person has to guess the story
  • Each player picks one card at a time and continue the story
  • Read out in poetry form
  • Can only glance at the cards quickly, and using their memory needs to tell the story
  • Describe the words on the cards


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