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Welcome to Super Personalised Books we are a fast-growing personalised storybook company, all of our books are proudly made in the UK, curated to offer children the most impactful books. 

As parents to our four-year-old CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) Sofia, we understand the need to encourage our children to love books while they’re young. We believe in the importance of building our children’s reading habits because this will help them achieve a happy prosperous future! 

Here at Super Personalised Books, we are dedicated to bringing ONLY the best Super Personalised Books to children in the UK, and across the globe! We understand that the love for reading may not come naturally for some kids, and that’s exactly why we are here. We are a PARTNER in establishing the love for reading, through our super personalised books. 

There is a predicted Baby Boom on its way, with over 4 million population of children between the ages of 0 to 7 years old in the UK alone. What a dream would it be if this new generation of kids can develop a strong love for reading, that would make a big, big, big impact in the next few years! 

Just as, JK Rowling and Harry Potter take children on a magical journey, we at Super Personalised Books want to ensure from an earlier age, that children have a love of reading and pick up amazing books like Harry Potter! 

We need your help in bringing our books closer to parents and children who need them.

There are a number of ways you can work with us, by being a personal shopper, online seller, influencer-ambassador, if you are a business, and would like to do brand collaborations, affiliate marketing and a commission package.

Choose an option below that works best for you!


The Personal Shopper, is a online and offline affiliate programme,  with your own online store.  Ideal for someone that wants to create a business, or a physical location such as a nursery, photograpers,any business that can sell to their customer who have children.



This is an Online only affiliate programme, perfect for those that are running blogs and have advertising space on their websites, or want to sell to their existing audience as an influencer.  We manage all aspects of shipping direct to the customer.



Do you have more than 10,000 active followers?  Are you a parent? Would you be interested in being an ambassador for a brand that wants to encourage children to read?  Would you be happy for your child to be a CEO? 15% COMMISSION


Do you work or own an environment, where there is a large number of children?  We have an online and offline affiliate programme that allows you to earn money selling super personalised books to your children. 20% COMMISSION


Are you a brand such as a Football Club, Amusement / Theme Park, Influencer, Charity or a school that would like to produce a book and would like to work on a project where we would create and sell exclusive super personalised books to your audience.


Are you a brand that currently sells to children or is in the gifting industry, then we would love to hear from you.  We are open to competition and collaborations.


We have created a one stop press page for anything you require press related, if you require anything further, please get in touch


We are running a £150 grandprize giveaway!


Do you love what we do?  Be part of our journey to encourage a love of reading for children 0-8 years of age.


Our focus is primarily the UK, our wesbite allows us to deliver worldwide.

However, if you feel that there is an opportunity for you to build a following abroad, then we can work with you to build a localised infrastructure to help support you to sell our books anywhere in the world.

If you require any help or have questions, email us at

Sofia, CEO

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