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Join Our Team Influencer Ambassador

Exclusive Influencer Programme

Your audience are looking to buy personalised educational gifts, we would like to sell them our super personalised books and you make 15% commission on every sale.  WIN-WIN-WIN!

What is the programme?

This programme is for influencers that would like to become Ambassadors and their children CEO’s of Super Personalised Books.

As Ambassadors, you could earn more than traditional fixed fees and you probably don’t need to do anything more than what you are already doing!

Use our calculator further down to see how much you could be earning!

 Are your audience always looking at you for gift ideas?  Do you think our books would be perfect for your audience?

Why our books are perfect?

1. Books For All

We have evergreen books that are perfect for gifts all year round, such as birthdays and new parents, but also perfect for seasonal occasions such as Christmas, Hannukah, Diwali and Eid.

2. Precious Gifts

They are not just books, they are precious, magical, memorable keepsakes, with an option to add a personalised message and memorable photograph.

3. Suitable for all

Our books are incredibly good value for money, and perfect for all children 0-8years of age.

4. Super Personalised

Books written to create engaging personalised stories which enrich children’s reading experiences.

We will send you one FREE Super Personalised Book of your choice, if you would like to be a long term ambassador for our brand.

As a small family business, we do not have unlimited funds, so there are some requirements to qualify as an influencer!

1. You need to have a 10k+ following (you can become a personal shopper if you have less than 10k followers … Personal shopper)

2. Engagement on your posts

3. Would want to be a long term ambassador

4. Have a passion for sharing the love of reading

What is the ambassador program?

The ambassador program, is our long term partnership programme.

Sofia, our 4yr old daughter, is our CEO (Child Excitement Officer), and we are looking for influencers that would love their little one to be a part of the Super Personalised Books (SPB) journey and a fellow CEO!

We really want to encapsulate how special reading is and there’s no better way to show this than seeing parents and children enjoy our stories together, in their own homes.

We love listening to our audience and growing the SPB family one book at a time, so we want to ensure that all content resonates with our audience and showcases our portfolio in the best way- You must be happy for your child to take centre stage!


sofia ceo personalised stories

Benefits of an ambassador!


As an ambassador for BookFlicks, you will receive a 1 hardback book a month, for 6 months worth £120.00 (monthly book flicks subscription).


Receive a 15% commission on every order we receive (COMMISSION RANGES FROM £2.50 – £19.20)


Gifting occasions such as New Babies, Birthdays may be sent in addition to subscription items.



Will receive books for Christmas, and/or occasions that important to your culture.

How do I qualify to be an Ambassador, and my child a CEO?

Ambassador Calculator

Visit your audience insights on your social media platform and it should give you a good indication of how much you can earn.

Everybody is a potential customer, however we would like to give you a realistic idea of earnings as an ambassador.

There are more than 30 books for your followers to purchase and subscription models, which help in bringing in revenue every month.

Starting of as an influencer

You will receive a FREE hardback book of your choice as an influencer, you must sell 15 books  to qualify as an ambassador.

You will have an exclusive 30% discount created, in order to encourage your followers to buy

We reccomend posting about 3 times, unboxing video and swipe up story in the first 4 weeks, to hit your 15 book target..

You can buy all 15 books yourself to qualify if you wanted, but once you have hit 15 sales, you are in!

All imagery and videos would need to be emailed or whatsapped to us

Once you are an ambassador, the child is a fellow CEO of Super Personalised Books, this role is best suited to children between the ages of 2-5.

How can we help you turn from influencer to ambassador?

In order for you to sell the books required to become an ambassador, you have to communicate with the audience over a period of time, below is a flow chart to encourage a long term customer


Showcase our Brand


Talk about our product


Encourage a sale by offering your discount



Encourage them to join the giveaway

What are the key messages!

1. We want children to develop a love for reading through recognition, repetition and engaging stories where they can see themselves as the main character.

2. Super Personalised Books has over 200 character variations and we support inclusivity and diversity. We want to lead change and innovation so that all children can be represented and be a hero of their own book.

3. We have a vast library of stories to choose from which support reading groups up to 8 years old. Super Personalised Books is the go-to place to purchase good quality, engaging super personalised books for all occasions!

4. The Super Personalised Books are not just great educational tools, but also a timeless keepsake.

Where to promote the messages?

We reccomend posting about 3 times, unboxing video and swipe up story in the first 4 weeks, to maximise earning potential.

How Can You Showcase Super Personalised Books?

  • Tell a story about the aspirations for children.
  • Explain the long term benefits of children reading.
  • Say how personalised books encourage children to read.
  • Showcase the product in use in a family environment.
  • To encourage sales, using a unique Discount Code.
  • Provide the Website link to followers.
  • Peer to Peer recommendations.

Additional Collaborations for Promoting our Brand

  • Promote Competitions & Giveaways
  • Share Discounts & Promotions

Types of marketing that we would like to use:

  • Pictures, Videos , Storytime, Vlogs & Blogs that could be used as Stories, Reels, Highlights, Testimonials, Reviews & Print Adverts.  
  • Tag our products, people and even add as collaborations

How much marketing should you provide?

  • There is no minimum or maximum, however we would advice that there should be a blend of different types of marketing that you would use, on different platforms, and it should be frequent.
  • On receipt of a new book would be very powerful as you can demonstrate the excitement each book offers on the child’s face.
  • During story time, videos or images would be very good.
  • During the 4 weeks between each book, there should be some form of mention, ideally once a week.

Sponsored Adverts

  • On occasions, we may request you to promote a post with paid ads. Super Personalised Books will pay for the ad costs.

Some examples from our Influencers

Remember the more you are present in the customers feed,

the more chance you have of earning money and

more importantly having an impact on a child’s life..

I hope you and your family can help us on our journey!

Sofia, CEO

Some benefits of a super personalised book

✔️ Develops literacy skills and a love for books.

✔️ Makes reading a more meaningful experience

✔️ Develops their sense of identity

✔️ Better multitaskers, problem solvers and creative thinkers

✔️ Better wired to expect and appreciate diversity

✔️ Better emotionally and socially

✔️ Better able to focus their attention and retain information

✔️ Ignites their imagination and curiosity

✔️ Magical Bonding experience

netflix for books


The love and joy a super personalised book can give a child is pretty special!
Imagine the child receiving a super personalised book regularly!
We offer a range of super personalised books that can be delivered to your door at the frequency of your choice!

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