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Hi, we have tried to answer all the popular questions below, but if you need any help, please send me an email 🙂

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Below are some frequently asked questions…

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What is a super personalised book?

Super Personalised Books offers the most comprehensive personalisation options, infact with over 200 variations it has more than most personalised book companies, making it a super personalised book. You can insert the child’s name, choose the gender and the overall appearance with hairstyle, hair colour, eye colour and skin tone. You can personalise each book with a dedication and a photo that can be included on the rear of the book.

You can be sure that your book will be as unique as your child is. And we don’t want to reveal any spoilers, but we have some new books in store that will make you very happy, ideal for almost any occasion.

How many variations are there?

There are a lot of combinations of characters, so first you choose the gender, boy or girl, then on average there are 6 options of hair, 3 eye colours, 3 skin tones and 2 clothing options, which is a total of over 200 different variations. We love it when a child identifies as the character, it is what makes a personalised story special.

What ages are Super Personalised Books intended for?

There is no age limit when you are passionate about books, but we have designed the books from babies & toddlers (0-3yrs) parents read to children and open their world to books, and early years (3–6yrs) children begin to recognise words and read with guidance, 6-8yrs, children begin to read independantly.

Can I order a gift box together with the book?
What is Book Flicks?
Do you charge extra for long names?
Can I add a personal dedication and a memorable picture?
How fast will I receive the package?
What are the book options?
How much does delivery cost?
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What are the MiniMe Toys?

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