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Crowd Funding

We helped our daughter to deal with the loss of her Gran, through a Super Personalised Book!

Traumatic situations for young children, can have long lasting impact into adulthood.

Watch the video below to see how together we can help children!

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care and wellbeing personalised book

Our First & Care Wellbeing Book 
“You Are Not Alone”

Want to make a difference in a childs life?

As creators of products for future generations, we strive to do business in a way that our children, our customers and we ourselves can be proud of.

We’re therefore committed to creating our products as sustainably as possible. In addition, we support both social and environmental causes every time you make a purchase with us.

Our books are super personalised, making them suitable for all children from 0-8 years of age and diverse backgrounds.

Where it all began?

The Child CEO!

Hi, I am Sofia, 4 years old, and I am the Child CEO (Children’s Excitement Officer) of SPB (Super Personalised Books) and I bring all the aspects of fun into the story.

So how did I get onto the corporate ladder?

The story begins over 4 years ago, in fact even before I was actually born!  Whilst I was still growing in my mummy’s tummy, my parents were always talking and reading to me. Sometimes I would even hear of their plans for the future!

To learn more about my journey, click here

When Sofia met Award winning Children’s author David Walliams

Why Care & Wellbeing Books? A Reason To Care!

After the death of Sofias Grandmother, when she was 3 years old, Sofia had questions that we were not able to answer.

We decided that a personalised book, would help us, help her with her questions.

“You Are Not Alone” was written with the help of an educational specialist, and is designed to help children cope with the loss of a loved one.

This book has helped Sofia deal with the loss of her great grandmother

We have curated a Super Personalised Book, so is relevant to a diverse range of children, it is narrated by either the mum or dad (you choose), and helps deal with the loss of a mother, father, grandparent, aunt or uncle.

This book will help thousands of children throughout the country

To learn more about this book, it is available to be purchased at

All our books are priced the same, at exceptional value..

Paperback £19.99    I      Hardback £24.99

Full 28 page Colour.  20x20cm. Paperback – Gloss laminated cover printed on a 250gsm board, Hardback – Gloss laminated cover printed on a 150gsm coated stock, drawn onto a case made from 2250micron board. Internal Pages – 150gsm Sappi Claro Silk.  All FSC certified. EVA bound with a strong adhesive.  Manufactured in UK.

Some benefits of a super personalised book

✔️ Develops literacy skills and a love for books.

✔️ Makes reading a more meaningful experience

✔️ Develops their sense of identity

✔️ Better multitaskers, problem solvers and creative thinkers

✔️ Better wired to expect and appreciate diversity

✔️ Better emotionally and socially

✔️ Better able to focus their attention and retain information

✔️ Ignites their imagination and curiosity

✔️ Magical Bonding experience

Why we need your support?

We are a small family business, fully committed to creating super personalised books for children.  It has taken us four years to produce 30 books, help us produce these books quicker…

The world needs them!  Infact, numerous coaches have told us that the issues adults have, stem from childhood, and we hope to equip parents so that they are able to help children when they go through a traumatic childhood!

We have built a system that works, however without finances, we are not able to speed up the process.  Your money and support will help us get there much faster

What we are looking to do!

“You Are Not Alone” has helped Sofia deal with the loss of a loved one.  It has taken us 4 years to understand the process, build a team and be able to produce impactful books on a very small budget.

It now takes us up to  8 weeks and £11,000 to create a super personalised book and for it to be ready for purchase online. 

Scroll down to process section to learn more about how we create each and every unique story!

The total campaign, including marketing and redemption of pledges is approximately £20,500 per book

Books that could be impactful for children traumas!


Children can also be emotionally affected during a divorce. Children often have feelings of loss, anger, confusion, anxiety and many others. A child may feel a sense of loss. 


If your child has negative feelings, it can help to talk, spend time together, and let your child get to know her step-parent.


children who have a chronic illness or condition often feel “different,” socially isolated, and restricted in their activities


The addition of a new sibling can be a huge transition for young children to go through, as they must start to share attention, affection, and space with another young person for the first time. 


 Racism hurts children, in real and fundamental ways. It hurts not just their health, but their chances for a good, successful life


Children who are targets of bullying are more likely to: Have low self-esteem, Develop depression or anxiety and Develop mental health issues


Many children face lots of changes in their first few years, from massive changes like being separated from the most important person in their life when a parent goes back to work.


The death of a sibling and the attendant grief process may have a significant impact on the individual’s mental and psychological wellbeing

You choose which book you would like us to start with.

The book with the highest votes will start first!

What book would you like to be made first?
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Please choose only 1 book, that you would pledge for

What happens next for the charity!

Once the book has been published, there is no management or running cost of that book.

The charity will make the book available to all their users, and their family and well wishers.

People also have the option to purchase the books as pledges, so that it can be distributed to the charity.

This will be a continuous line of support for the charity and for their finances, as every book sold 15% will be donated straight back to the charity. 85% of costs will be the cost of producing a high quality, super personalised book.

The charity benefits long after the crowdfunding has stopped.

Why back us?

We have a proven track record of bringing books to market, and it is with our experience, that we can deliver on these projects with your support.

Once we have raised our initial target of £20,500, we would like to continue producing care & wellbeing books with your continued support.

“The You Are Not Alone” book really helped me when I lost my grandmother, and I know it will help lots of children across the world” Sofia, CEO

We want to help children of all backgrounds to remember a better childhood, and not take baggage into their adulthood!

When will the campaign start?

For an effective campaign, we need to have a certain amount of fans ready to kickstart the campaign.

Register your interest by signing up for the newsletter, and when we are ready, you will be the first to know!

Commit £1, Become a VIP and you will get a special gift and your name will be printed on the back page of every book! Only 250 names can fit on a page!

The process is long and complicated!

£11,000 to create a singular book, wow! that’s a lot of money you might think.

It has taken us 4 years, and  lots of time, money and enthusiasm to build this experience, if this was not a project of love, Super Personalised Books would never have got off the ground!

To those that are not familiar with professional publishing, the cost of going to a professional publishing book company, it would cost more than £11,000 to create one book, let alone a process that is recreated hundreds of times to produce a bespoke and unique book for every child! 

No one book is the same! is an example of a process of £15000 for books and the process of creating a super personalised book is more complicated than that of a traditional book.

Options and rewards!

Our Hardback Books are £24.99

You love our project, and want to get involved! But you are feeling that you are paying more for our books than if you were to wait for it to be released! That is true!!

However, without your support, we could not continue our care and wellbeing books, and potentially thousands of children will never recover from their childhood trauma.

 Each super personalised book is made with with great love and manually created and proof read to ensure a consistently high quality product. this process means our cost of product is very high, so from every sale, only a small amount goes to the actual campaign of producing books.

As a thank you, the first 250 people to pledge, your name will be printed on the back page of every book.

You can purchase any of the pledges below either for yourself or on behalf of the charity!

Without your pledges, children will never benefit from our support!

Pledge – £1-£10

I love the project

Pledge – £20

30% discount on the book

Pledge – £30

50% discount on the book

Pledge – £50

Free Book

Pledge – £75

1 Book Free and 2nd Book Half Price

Pledge – £100

2 Books Free and a Gift Box

Pledge – £250

6 Books To Charity of your choice

Pledge – £500

15 Books given to Charity of your choice



To reach our target of £11,000 to create the book, a further £6,000 will be required for cost of goods to honour pledges.  Each book will require an additional 20% for marketing cost of £3,500, making a total £20,500

we need a total of 410 Pledges at £50 Rewards.  We would like to register in the region of 250 people before starting the campaign!

Once the book has been funded, within 8 weeks, you will receive your copy of the book.

Postage & packaging is not included and must be paid seperatley.

Breakdown of costs!

A fair proportion of our budget has been allocated to compensating our creative team who have painstakingly worked at researching, creating ideas to develop into books.

Ensuring all involved in creating the book are paid.

A fair chunk is allocated to the creation, printing and fulfillment of the final product

Each book is uniquely printed and thus the cost is high.

The aim of this project is not to make profit, but to help children with a brighter future.

Additional Projects

All of our books are written so that they can cater to be translated to over 20 languages and dialects, from English, Welsh, Albanian, Arabic, Bangladeshi, Chinese, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Hindi, Japanese, Urdu, Russian, Luxembourgish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Catalan, Basque, Swiss dialects…

Your support could help children all over the world!

Future Plans

As our daughter grows, we would like to conitune to captivate her mind and would like to produce super personalised books that will encourage her to learn key subjects such as English, Maths and Science, alongside key stories about history and teach her about the way the world is in other parts of the world!





There are a number of sports fans that do not have any sports books to inspire them!





Stay in touch!

If all this sounds like something you would like to help with, then register your interest and when we are ready to launch, we will send you a quick nudge 🙂

If you are from press, drop us a line and we would love to tell you more about what we are doing!

Share this campaign to someone you feel would love to participate

If you are interested in showing us your support, register to our newsletter and we will let you know when we are ready to launch the campaign

If this is something that would be of interest to your friends and family, then please share.  It will help us to reach to 250 pre sign up, which is roughly where we want to be in order to start our campaign.


Thank you for all your love and support

Sofia, CEO

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128% funded – 758 supporters – total raised £31,070

355 backers – pledge $22,000



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