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Young Adventurers Writing Competition


Super Personalised Books is running a creative writing competition for children. We are convinced there are many talented young writers who have yet to find the right story vehicle to show off their abilities to the world of children’s publishing. We believe this exciting opportunity could turn your writing ambitions into a reality.

Young adventurers are encouraged to write about an adventure they have been on, or where their imagination has taken them.

The entrant can enter two competition, short story or poem.

The author must write the story using their own name throughout the storytelling.

The winner or young adventurer will receive a personalised illustrated version of their story and the winning school will receive a donation of £100.


Short Story Prize

A book that is written by one child, a 13 page fully illustrated book!

£100 given to the winning school

Poem Prize

13 children will win 1 page in the book, together they will compile 1 book.

Each childs school will receive £50

Competition rules:

Entrants must be aged between 4 to 8 years old and a UK resident.

1- Story Prize – The word count of the story must be between 50-500 words, the choice is yours; however it must be spread over 14 pages.

2- Poem Prize – The word count of the story must be between 50-150 words, the choice is yours; however it must be 1 page only.

Closing date for stage 1 entry is 01 October 2022

Shortlisting of 16 stories will take place on 01 November 2022

Semi finals shortlisting of 4 stories will take place on 01 December 2022

Final Winner announced on 22 December 2022

Any more questions?

If you have any question as a parent, teacher or even child, then you can contact us on

If you would like to work in collaboration, then drop us a quick email at and we would love to work with anyone that will encourage reading and loving of books.

I am looking forward to hearing your stories 🙂

Sofia, CEO

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