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Join Our Team – Brand Collaborations

Super Exclusive Gift For Your Fans

Do you have an engaged fan base, and are they looking to spend money on their children for a special gift?

Another revenue stream for your business?

If you have an established fan base, and you are looking at ways of how you could increase your revenue, then our Super Personalised Books could be ideal!  Use our calculator down below and if the numbers work, get in touch!

1. Unique

We can create super personalised books exclusively for your audience!

2. Long Term Revenue

There is a one off cost to design the books, and this can be sold repeatedly, with no incurring fees.

3. Ease

We manage the whole ordering process from creation to shipping direct to your customer.  You do not hold any stock!

4. Opportunities

There are newborns every day, so your opportunity to sell increases every year.

Let’s work together, to grow your brand!

Brand Calculator

This calculator will outline if there is a possibility that we could work together!

A Typical example (replace the numbers to what reflect yours!

How many fans do you have, this could be a physical location, a email list, facebook group or instagram page?   (5,000)

100 % of your fans will have a child, niece, nephew, cousin or a family friends child that is aged 0-8 years?   (5,000)

10% How many of those fans will go on to make just one purchase in a year? (500)

Retail Price at £24.99, that is a total revenue of over £12,000 (minus our fees).

The cost of the book is paid for, so every year you could make sales of £12,000 (minus our fees)

And not to mention the brand awareness you will create.

What kind of books can we produce?



Do you have a fanbase who love your sport?

We can create any book for any sport!

personalised childrens book football personalised stories
personalised book children personalised stories


Are you a business that has a continous influx of customers

We can create an exclusive book to match a fun and exciting day at



Are you a charity or a business that would benefit to a new apprach to working with your audience of children?

personalised book children personalised stories
personalised book children personalised stories



Are you a celebrity that would like to be introduce your audience to a book, then we can work with you to develop  your own range.

The Next steps

We schedule a quick call and discuss the following –

1. Evaluate if there is an opportunity to work together, do the numbers and timescale work

2. Agree terms – Cost of books and % share to manage the process. (33% on sign up, 33% before launch, 34% from the sale of your books)

3. Provide with marketing material in order to enable your customers to purchase and ensuring that we have the product available on a exclusive landing page on our website

4. We ship direct (fixed fee per order) to the customer and provide full analysis


Simply get in touch with some details regarding what you think your fan numbers are, and we can discuss the finer details.

I love my books, I am sure your fans will too!

Sofia, CEO

Some benefits of a super personalised book

✔️ Develops literacy skills and a love for books.

✔️ Makes reading a more meaningful experience

✔️ Develops their sense of identity

✔️ Better multitaskers, problem solvers and creative thinkers

✔️ Better wired to expect and appreciate diversity

✔️ Better emotionally and socially

✔️ Better able to focus their attention and retain information

✔️ Ignites their imagination and curiosity

✔️ Magical Bonding experience

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