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The 5yr old CEO?

The Child CEO!

Hi, I am Sofia, 5 years old, and I am the Child CEO (Children’s Excitement Officer) of Super Personalised Books™ (SPB) and I bring all the aspects of fun into the story.

So how did I get onto the corporate ladder?

The story begins over 5 years ago, in fact even before I was actually born!  Whilst I was still growing in my mummy’s tummy, my parents were always talking and reading to me. Sometimes I would even hear of their plans for the future!

I hope she is a healthy, self-confident and curious about the world around her they would say! I hope our little angel enjoys our love of reading and story-telling.  Don’t you worry baby girl, we will read to you every day and fire up your imagination so that you can go on magical adventures. I would hear them say.

Just as they promised, as soon as I was born, mummy and daddy used to read to me every day, but I just could not imagine myself in these stories and I certainly did not go on any magical adventures.

Mummy and Daddy knew the benefits of reading a book, but if I did not get excited about reading a book, then I would never reap the benefits!

That is when mummy and daddy had the best idea ever! A book, which was all about me!  A book where I was going to be the hero in the story!

I was super super excited…

And when the first book arrived, it really was true; I really was the star of the show! I loved it!  I was on every page with my big brown eyes and unruly curly black hair! Soon enough I was able to pick out my name on the pages.

I would read it day and night…. And that’s how I knew I would be….

We are on a mission to revolutionise the way Children Read, Tell & Share Stories.

super personalised books values

Perfect for the role as CEO!

I could not contain my excitement, every time I was shown a new book!  The range grew from 1 book to 20 books, with me going on all sorts of adventures from spy adventures to historical events!  It was mind blowing!!

This was the best job offer ever, (although it is my first and only job)

I knew, that if I loved the books, so would my friends

Mummy and Daddy loved sharing the books with other children, it put a big smile on their faces knowing that they were bringing joy, a sense of adventure, excitement and nurturing the imagination of my friends!

3 years later, I have a team of CEO’s, and we all love reading our super personalised books!

Us CEO’s are all unique, a diverse bunch, with different colour eyes or hair and skin tones, so mummy and daddy, created over 200 different variations to make sure everyone can look like themselves, the hero in the book! In fact our personalisation is so good, that we have trademarked “Super Personalised Books”


The Super Complicated Process!

To produce just 1 super personalised book, it is incredibly complicated, sometimes we look back and think, “wow”!! The amount of work we do to create just one book is immense, but worth every smile we make!


Seasonal Gift Books

Here at Super Personalised Books, we have a range of books; celebrating birthdays, new babies, occasions such as Christmas, Hannukah, Diwali and Eid.  But they are not just books, they are precious, magical, memorable keepsakes.   Mummy and daddy have also added the option of adding a personalised message and a memorable photograph!

Book Flicks – “It’s Like Netflix For Books”

You can buy individual books, or sign up for our Books Flick Subscription.  Super Personalised Books has created a Power Pen series transporting us to a wonderful journey of the discovery of books, where we are always the heroes!   Every month a new book arrives at your door ready to transport you on another magical adventure!


I like to say, “What Harry Potter Is For Teenagers, Power Pen Is For Us Children”, “Creating A Love For Reading”

We have even launched a “care and wellbeing book”.

I can honestly say, we have the best books, anywhere!

I spoke to my fellow CEO’s and we wanted to spread the word far and wide!!

The time when Super Personalised Books, was nominated for an award, with the ceremony being hosted by the leading author David Walliams!



I like to say, “What Harry Potter Is For Teenagers, Power Pen Is For Us Children”, “Creating A Love For Reading”

We have even launched a “care and wellbeing book”.

I can honestly say, we have the best books, anywhere!

I spoke to my fellow CEO’s and we wanted to spread the word far and wide!!

We wanted other children to have the same level of fun we do, we want all parents, relatives, grandparents and well-wishers to help get these books to children all over the world!

I now love story-time, what a fun way to spend time with mummy, daddy, grandma, grandpa or aunties and uncles. I can recognize my name now and I love seeing myself in the book, it makes me feel good and happy. I can’t believe it is me in the book!   I get to be whisked off to some mysterious or historical adventure. I also have learnt lots of new words and some historical facts about people  like Lancelot and Mr Tesla.

Want to join the SPB Family, send in a picture of you reading your favourite personalised book in unusual places, under the duvet, up a tree, in a box or even in the cupboard under the stairs!

I am sure we have a place on our board for more CEO’s!

Kind regards


Sofia CEO


Some of our CEO’s!

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raven book


porter zoo book




If you have any questions, please let me know, we would be happy to help you 🙂

Sofia, CEO

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