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Product – £10,000 Premium Book

Premium Gift For A Loved One!

The ultimate gift for a loved one, our £10,000 super personalised book, is exclusively curated for you and shows you care, whilst always being a perfect keepsake!

1. Initial Meeting

We carry out an explorative questionnaire to establish what is important to you, alongside a storyboard.

2. Storyboard

We write two different story outlines, by two different authors.

3. Initial Draft

We provide you with our initial draft, with unlimited revisions.

4. Photo Shoot

Organise a Photo shoot to help us capture ideas and build storyboard including other information as coat of arms

5. Sketches

2 intial black and white sketches are provided, by two different artists.

6. Our Final Book

We will produce our final version of the book.

Our £10,000 Book

We work with leading writers and artists to create a luxury customer experience from start to finish. 

Our team are able to produce the most exclusive memorable keepsake book, adding final touches that nobody else can offer!

Our Experience…

Over the years we have worked incredibly hard in order to be able to produce our range of super personalised books, and now are in a position to offer your loved one the same experience.


Make it special,

with our

optional extras

Once your book is produced, this is when the real magic starts.

We work with you to work through all the various options, to create something that will be treasured for a lifetime!

Paper Type

Hand crafted, card paper,  textured

Front Cover

Gold, Silver, Wood


Choice of scents infused in the pages

Photos, Sounds & Videos

Interactive Media, QR code, Virtual Reality

Memorable memories

A video from the person giving the book

Outer Boxing

Gold, Silver, Wooden


Diamonds, Swarovski, Gold


Sourcing specific writer and/or illustrator

Yearly maintenance packages

Contact Us

+44 7931909921

1177 Coventry Rd

Monday-Friday: 8am – 5pm

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Our team member will be in touch with the next steps

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