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All Our Super Personalised Books, Feature Your Child!

Are you a Parent, Grand Parent, Relative and/or Well Wisher that is looking for personalised educational and fun gifts for any and every occasion?  Super Personalised Books help children fall in love with reading and learning, as they see themselves as the hero in their own books.

UK’s Widest Range Of Super Personalised Books.

Why Choose SUPER Personalised Books?

It has been scientifically proven, that Personalised Books are 40% more engaging than Non-Personalised Books, making it a fun, magical, exciting experience for children where they are included as part of the story.

A Super Personalised Book is more superior than a  Personalised Book, with each book having 200+ character variations to create your child-like character, ensuring, children see and recognise themselves in the stories they read.

Your Child, The Hero!  Our Super Personalised Books Create A Lifelong Love And Desire For Reading.

28 full colour page book – 21x21cm

Available in Paperback £19.99 and Hardback £24.99.

FREE Personalised Audio Book & Comprehension question with every book.

30+ Books, Written, illustrated, manufactured and shipped from the UK.

We care about the planet we leave for future generations, so all our books are FSC accredited and offset the carbon produced by planting trees through Ecologi.

Less than 10% of children’s books published in the UK feature a character from a Black, Asian, or minority ethnic background.

Where it all began! Sofia, the Child CEO!

Hi, I am Sofia, 5 years old, and I am the Child CEO (Children’s Excitement Officer) of SPB (Super Personalised Books) I bring all the aspects of fun into the story.

Did you know, that 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of 5? “To have a strong future, you need to have a strong foundation”, Sofia.

So how did I get onto the corporate ladder?

The story begins over 5 years ago, in fact even before I was actually born!  Whilst I was still growing in my mummy’s tummy, my parents were always talking and reading to me. Sometimes I would even hear of their plans for the future!

Read more about how we want all children to have the same love of reading, as our CEO, Sofia… yes, please

We Support Parents, To Help Children, Fulfil Their Potential Through The Love Of Reading With Our Super Personalised Books.

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Sofia’s Series Of Books!

“JK Rowling, broke all the rules with Harry Potter! JK Rowling got 10 year olds reading 600 page books…. how?

Children wanted to read the books….. Our Power Pen series of books will have children wanting to read books, as they are the star of their own adventures”. 


Just reading 10 minutes a day makes all the difference to a child’s development!

Sofia loves reading books, it encourages her to read from an early age!  See some of Sofia’s selection of books below!  Your child could love reading too, with their own series of books!


Some of our CEO’s who love their books!

advika unicorn


raven book


porter zoo book




Do you remember the excitement of receiving your monthly comic?
With BookFlicks, you can recreate that feeling for a child.
It is like “ NetFlix for Books!”.

The UK’s only Super Personalised Book Subscription, where you choose the books and the frequency of delivery!

care and wellbeing


Our Care & Wellbeing Section has been written to help children acknowledge and validate any emotions that they may be feeling, but also give them the tools to work through them, both on their own and as a family.

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How it works?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a super personalised book?

Personalised Stories offers the most comprehensive personalisation options, in fact with over 200 variations it has more than most personalised book companies, hence why we refer to our books as “Super Personalised Books”

You can insert the child’s name, and choose the gender and the overall appearance with hairstyle, hair colour, eye colour and skin tone. You can personalise each book with a dedication and a photo that can be included on the rear of the book.

You can be sure that your book will be as unique as your child is. And we don’t want to reveal any spoilers, but we have some new books in store that will make you very happy, ideal for almost any occasion.

How fast will I receive the package?

We send via royal mail, this can take up to 10 working days. All books are designed, manufactured and shipped from the UK and shipped right across the world.

Can I order a gift box together with the book?

If you are ordering a gift box, then it will be a personalised white gift box, complemented with a personalised ribbon. We also offer personalised greeting cards, that the child can add colour to. These Unique personalised stories are like no other! Perfect gift for any occasion! Birthdays, Christmas, New Parents, Eid, Diwali, Hanukah, Easter, Chinese New Year Baisakhi, etc…

Read all our Frequently Asked Questions.


I love my reading my books every day, and I am sure your children will too!

Sofia, CEO

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